The Best Vegan Documentaries

Are you ready to open your eyes? Let’s  take a plunge into the plant-based perspective and examine the effect of consuming animal products on our health, environment and the animals.

Whatever your stance, I am sure that some of these documentaries will make you wonder about your food intake.

Thanks to a growing consciousness about the state of our shared planet there are more and more great documentaries that address issues like global warming, biodiversity loss, animal cruelty and other climate realities that we are facing today.

Adopting a lifestyle focused on having more plants in your diet can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. Some of these documentaries can really help guide us in the right direction to implement these changes for ourselves, the planet and the animals.

Cowspiracy: (Netflix)

Keegan Kuhn and Kip Anderson are trying to uncover one of the major problems that affects our environment so much: commercial and industrial animal agriculture. This doco gives you a good inside on how animal agriculture plays a big part in deforestation, habitat loss and species extinction. The movie is full of interesting facts and is also trying to uncover the corrupt system that some of the worlds leading environmental organizations run.

Forks over Knives (Disney+)

Forks over Knives is a well presented engaging documentery that takes a good look at health and welbeing. A great educational source of information that shows you why it is so benefitial for your health to adopt a diet that is primiraly based on plants. The doco is full of facts and leaves it to the viewer to form an opinion.

The Game Changers (Netflix)

This doco incudes such a great mixture of stories from athlethes, scientific evidence and social justice considerations. Evidence based information shows how athlethes can thrive on a plant-based diet and don’t need animal protein to excel. Not only that, Game Changers  also explains the health and sexual benefits of having more plants in your diet.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet (Netflix)

Although this doco is not about veganism it gives you a good look into where we are heading with our planet if we continue to live the way we do. The always humble Attenborough brings the message with authority and will leave the viewer wondering if they need to makes a change.


Have you seen any of these docos? Tell us what you think! If you haven’t, I highly recommend them. Jump on your couch, get comfortable make yourself a cup of tea and start on one of these shows. Enrich yourself with educational info about our planet, and why it is such a great idea to reduce our meat and dairy intake. These docos will help you making a more informed decision on what works for you! After all we are all on our own journey.

Let me know what you think.

With Love,