Plant-Based Meal-Kit Service, Jimmy (founder)

The story behind VegMeUp: Melbourne & Sydney’s 100% vegan meal-kit

With a passion for healthy, flavoursome food that’s better for the planet, our plant-based meal box delivery service was founded by Jimmy. After working as a professional chef for over 17 years in the Netherlands, Jimmy is now keen to share his expertise with everyday Australians so they can become chefs in their own homes.

A fan of facts and evidence, Jimmy has watched hours of documentaries and read countless studies about the environment, the current state of the planet, and nutrition. This has led him to challenge his assumptions about food and introduce more plant-based foods into his diet.

Combing this knowledge with his cooking expertise, Jimmy spent a year experimenting with a wide range plant-based foods and flavours, building up a repertoire of delicious vegan dishes. The goal? To develop easy recipes with sustainable ingredients that people can make from the comfort of their own homes.

Now, we have over 100 super tasty 100% vegan recipes, with more being developed on a regular basis.

Keen to give the rich world of plant-based cooking a try? Our meal-kits offer an affordable, easy way to do just that. We are servicing Melbourne and Sydney.

Or, if you have a friend or family member you’d like to support on their plant-based journey,

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Contact us: info@vegmeup.com.au

Why us? 

Whether you lack the time to shop, struggle to come up with new meal ideas on a weekly basis, or simply want to improve your cooking skills with new, exciting dishes each week, a meal-kit is the ideal solution. But why VegMeUp? 

At VegMeUp, we want to show you that it’s possible to eat healthy, sustainable plant-based meals without sacrificing variety. Where the vegan options in other meal kit services are minimal, all of our meals are 100% plant based, so you’ll have a range of options to choose from each week. And they’re not just vegan! We understand how confusing it can be to find nutritious vegan meals when you’re just starting out, so all of our recipes are designed to be nutritious and tasty—for each recipe we include the nutrition information, so you know exactly what you’re eating. We also offer gluten free and high protein options.

 On top of this, while veganism is in itself a great choice for the environment, we try to consider sustainability in other areas of our business, too. More on that below.

Vegan Sustainable Meal-Kit Service, 100% Plant-Based

 VegMeUp’s Sustainability goals

At VegMeUp, we believe that everyone should have access to sustainable meals, so we strive to make sustainability a core part of our meal-kit service, and want to be Australia’s leading zero-waste meal-kit service.

Wherever possible, we source our vegetables locally and have partnered with sustainable suppliers in Melbourne and Sydney to reduce our carbon footprint. We actively reduce packaging and any that we do need to include is either recyclable or has been reused. We’ve also put measures into place that enable us to reuse many of our resources and our meal-kit boxes, cooling pouches and ice packs can all be reused by customers (Melbourne only). In addition, our recipe cards are made from 100% recycled paper.

We strive to provide the highest quality plant-based meal-kit service in Australia, all while reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

In turn, we hope that our sustainability initiatives inspire customers to think more about the impact of their food and enjoy delicious plant-based dishes while doing so. Together, we can all help to preserving our environment. Consider the fact that if everyone followed a mostly plant-based diet we could reduce food emission by 40%, and that’s not even going completely vegan!

So, join us on this journey with our meal-kit service today and let’s make sustainability the norm!

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Vegan Middle Eastern Maftoul Salad


At VegMeUp, we’re passionate about providing busy people with convenient access to healthy food that’s just as delicious as it is nutritious. But why plant-based? Scientific research overwhelmingly reveals that eating more plant-based food is better for your health and the planet.

  • The Global Burden of Disease Study concluded that the top four foods we need to consume more of to reduce our overall risk of death are fruits, nuts/seeds, vegetables, and whole grains. The study involved nearly 500 researchers from more than 300 institutions in 50 countries and examined nearly 100,000 data sources. Source
  • The American Dietetic Association states that nutritious plant-based diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and it’s even suitable for athletes. The American Dietetic Association is the world’s largest organisation of nutritional professionals and represents over 100,000 credentialed practitioners. Source
  • More greenhouse gas emissions are produced from animal agriculture than all of the transportation industry combined (animal agriculture: 18%; transportation – road, rail, air and marine: 13%). Source 
  • 2,500 litres of water are needed in order to produce a single pound of beef, meaning that one hamburger is the equivalent of 2 months’ worth of showers. Source

For a more in-depth look into the benefits of plant-based eating, check out our blogs ‘The Power of Plants – Positive Health Benefits of Plant Based Eating’ and ‘Why Going Vegan is a Sustainable Choice for the Environment’.