Organic Maple Syrup (250ml)


Organic Maple Syrup Grade A amber rich taste, perfect for on your dessert or in your tea.


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Why settle for the low-quality, highly processed maple syrup that you’ll find in most supermarkets when you can indulge in the Grade A amber rich taste of organic maple syrup from VegMeUp?

Drizzle it on your dessert or put a spoonful in your tea, and enjoy the delicious flavour without needing to worry about the sugar content. This variety of maple syrup is 100% organic, made from the sap of sugar maple trees at precisely the ideal time during harvest.

As soon as you try it, you’ll immediately notice the difference between our organic maple syrup and standard varieties from large household-name brands.

Learn about the health benefits of organic maple syrup

There is much confusion about whether or not maple syrup can be considered healthy.

While it typically contains a high amount of sugar, it also contains at least 24 antioxidants that are highly beneficial to our health. There’s a substantial difference between organic maple syrup and mass-produced varieties, which are generally high fructose corn syrup with maple flavouring added.

Rest assured, our organic maple syrup contains the following attributes:

  • Same calcium content as whole milk
  • Rich in potassium, manganese, phosphorus and iron
  • Contains Vitamins B2, B5, B6, niacin and folic acid
  • Trace amounts of amino acids, which are the foundations for protein

Organic maple syrup, vegan beef jerky and other healthy treats available online

At VegMeUp, we pride ourselves on our knack for creating flavourful recipes with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that ensure your meal is as nutritious as it is tasty. With nearly 20 years’ experience in commercial kitchens, our superstar chef Jimmy knows how to create divine meals from organic ingredients.

So it only makes sense that our online store would be filled to the brim with exceptional plant-based products like organic maple syrup, vegan beef jerky, organic flaxseeds, savoury yeast, dark chocolate coated almonds and other treats.

While we try our best to cater for everyone’s varying allergies and dietary requirements, let us know if our range does not accommodate you and we will see what we can do. After all, we’re all about exceeding customers’ expectations at VegMeUp!

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