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4 Person Plan – 2 Meals

2 Delicious plant-based meals to feed 4 people

 Person Plant-Based Meal Delivery Kit 

At VegMeUp, our 4 person plant-based meal delivery kits have got the whole family sorted for dinner, several nights a week. With a whole host of exciting new recipes from our incredible chef Jimmy being added every week, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice with our crazy delicous plant-based menu. 

Choose between $100.60 a week for 2 meals each, or $134.50 a week for 3 meals each, and enjoy peace of mind that dinner is going to be fresh, tasty and nutritious several times a week. 

All you have to do is log into our user-friendly website, browse that week’s menu, make your selection and we’ll deliver your delicious vegan recipes right to your doorstep in sustainable packaging the following Tuesday, anywhere in the Melbourne metropolitan and Geelong area. 

Eating healthy is a breeze, with our 4 person plant-based meal kits 

Jimmy has been whipping up creative culinary delights in commercial kitchens for nearly 20 years, and believe us when we say – he knows what he’s doing! 

Our original recipes will become a standard part of your repertoire – after a few weeks of cooking our 4 person plant-based meal kits, you’ll have a solid knowledge of countless plant-based recipes to enjoy for the rest of your life! 

The best part of our meal kits is that they allow your entire household to eat healthy, nutritious food without needing to spend hours researching exciting recipes, and trying to find time to source fresh, locally grown produce from nearby markets. At VegMeUp, we take care of all that stuff for you, so that all you need to do is open our meal kit and follow the simple instructions for a delicious dinner for four! 

What makes our 4 person plant-based meal delivery kits so amazing? 

  • Jimmy (our fantastic master chef!) has over 20 years experience cooking in Dutch and Australian commercial kitchens
  • Our menu is constantly being updated to ensure our recipes stay as fresh as the local produce that we source! We hold more then a 100 plant-based recipes in our repertoire.
  • Easy-to-cook recipes with straightforward instructions
  • We don’t try to lock you in with unnecessary contracts – simply let us a know a week before you wish to pause or cancel your subscription
  • VegMeUp aims to cater for everyone’s various food allergies and dietary requirements (if you feel that our menu is failing to accommodate you, speak to us directly and we’ll see what we can do!)
  • The packaging we use for our 4 person plant-based meal kits is sustainable and eco-friendly 

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