Benefits of a sustainable plant-based meal-kit service

Hello, my name is Jimmy I am the founder of VegMeUp – a fully plant-based/ vegan meal-kit service. In this blog I explore the positive impacts of using a sustainable plant-based meal-kit service.

There are so many meal-kit services around nowadays that it can be hard to pick the one that is right for you.

All the meal-kit services promise:

  • Delivery to your door
  • To save you money
  • To save you time
  • Delicious food
  • Convenience


Most of these promises are true for most services. Meal-kit services do save you money and time, as by using a meal-kit service you don’t have to do your shopping. Also, your ingredients are pre measured, meaning you won’t have any waste! There are so many benefits in using a meal-kit service. So why should you pick a plant-based/vegan meal-kit service?

When I started VegMeUp in January 2021 I realized I had to do something different. I wanted to make a bigger impact. I wanted to help our conscious customers really make an impact and reduce their environmental footprint significantly. I also knew the food had to be delicious, varied, fun and easy to cook.


I was then and still am on a journey that has made me much more aware of the impact that we leave behind by consuming animal products. Studies show that by eating a full-time plant-based diet you can reduce your environmental footprint by more than 70%, and by having 3-4 plant-based days a week you can reduce your footprint by 30%. These are such incredible numbers that it is hard to argue why we should not eat more plants. This is besides the other obvious reason: animal cruelty.

I found in my research that a large group of Australians are very keen to reduce their animal intake for environmental reasons. Lots of Australians are looking to have a couple of meat free days a week. Or even better have already adopted a part-time or full-time plant-based diet.

However, often the problem is not the motivation but the implication of such a desire. Lots of people just don’t know how. Most of us grow up with dinners that had meat as the centrepiece of a meal with some veggies and a potato on the side.

Often, we build our cooking repertoire around what we already know. It can be very hard and challenging to come up with nutritious plant-based meals that are full of flavour and exciting to eat and cook. VegMeUp is trying to help people to solve this challenge. I already started my own plant-based journey by incorporating more plants into my personal diet. What was very helpful was starting with little steps at a time, slowly making little adjustments in my diet seemed to work better than making big changes overnight. It took me to the place where I am now; a diet almost completely (90%) comprised of plants. I feel better and healthier for it. I also feel good about the fact that I am making a very positive impact on the environment and world.

Solving the problem

With VegMeUp I want to introduce people to the rich world of plants, show them what incredible diversity they have to offer. I want to show you how you can cook easy, fun and delicious meals by eating a more plant-based orientated diet. VegMeUp has six 100% plant-based dishes on offer every week. From pasta to curry, from tacos to stir fry. Dishes that are gluten free, full of protein and lots more. You don’t only save money and time with food that is delivered to your door. You also help save the planet and reduce your environmental footprint. All of that by eating more plant-based food which also happens to be the healthiest diet according to many researches. Not only that, you will learn to cook with new ingredients, new flavours and build up a new repertoire of tasty delicious plant-based dishes.

Meal-kit services packaging

An often-heard disadvantage of meal-kit services is packaging. Some of the big companies use a ton of plastics that has to be thrown out every week. At VegMeUp we are doing things differently. We use an absolute minimum of plastics and use paper bags instead. Our cooling pouch is made from 100% recycled paper and we can recycle it for you, just like your icepack and food box. Just leave them outside on your porch and our driver will collect your old box when he drops of your fresh one. Sustainability really matters to us.

At VegMeUp we believe that we can all make an important individual contribution to making the world a better place if we eat more plant-based food. What do you think?

Feel free to let us know your views, or ask us any questions regarding plant-based food or VegMeUp.


With love,