5 Easy Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life

As we all know, the world is facing unprecedented ecological challenges. Climate change is at the top of many countries’ agendas and everyone will need to do their part to live more sustainably. We really can’t continue the way we have been going for the last couple of decades. We need to act now! For a lot of people, it can be daunting to identify where to start, but luckily there are many small steps you can take that will make a big impact on our environment. Here are five easy ways to get started on your journey towards living a more sustainable life.


  1. Eat Less Meat

This was always going to be my first argument, of course. One of the easiest steps you can take towards a more sustainable lifestyle is to reduce your meat consumption. Many studies have been conducted on this subject. Meat accounts for almost 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions of all foods produced. The global meat industry generates 14.5 percent of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions—more than the entire transportation sector combined! Reducing your meat consumption or using plant-based alternatives can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. It takes 9,000 litres of fresh drinking water to create 1kg of beef! It really is time! Start experimenting with having multiple plant-based days per week and you can really make an impact.


  1. Buy Local Products

Another great way to reduce your environmental footprint is by shopping locally for your plant-based foods and other products whenever possible. Buying local reduces the amount of energy and resources needed for shipping and encourages economic growth in your community. If you can’t find what you’re looking for locally, shop online from stores that specialize in sustainable products or plant-based sustainable products.


  1. Switch To Reusable Items

Replacing single-use items like plastic bags and straws with reusable alternatives is another easy way to reduce waste and improve sustainability in your daily life. Investing in reusable grocery bags, metal straws, or other items made from sustainable materials like bamboo will also help save money in the long run while also helping the environment! Get yourself one of those cool designer keep-cups for you coffees. You will notice that many cafes offer discounts to customers that bring their own cup, so you will earn your investment back in no time.


  1. Reduce Your Energy Consumption

One of the most effective ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle is by reducing your energy consumption. This can range from simple changes such as turning off the lights when you leave a room or unplugging devices when not in use, through to investing in solar panels or switching over completely to renewable energy sources like wind and geothermal power. It can be as simple as wearing a warmer jumper on a cold winter’s day instead of putting the heater on high. Every bit helps! 


  1. Reuse/Repurpose/Recycle

Culture is changing fast. Not long ago, there was an avid repair industry and a strong mentality of ‘make do and mend’. But today we live in a throw-away society and it is putting a strain on our planet, not to mention our wallets. It might be worth to ask yourself sometimes: do I really need to buy something new? Or might it be worth to get it fixed?

Always try and reuse or repurpose items instead of throwing them away whenever possible. For example, if you have an old shirt that no longer fits, try cutting it up into cleaning rags instead of throwing it away. And if something really has reached its end of life cycle, make sure it’s recycled properly so that its materials can be used again down the line. Recycling helps conserve natural resources while also reducing pollution—it’s a win-win!


Living sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult—there are many small steps you can take right now that will make a huge impact on preserving our planet for future generations! Eating less meat, buying local products, replacing single-use items with reusable ones, reducing energy consumption, and reusing/repurposing/recycling are just some of the easy ways we can all start living more sustainably today. So, what are you waiting for? Start making small changes now and soon enough they’ll become habits!


“Sustainability is a way of thinking and a principle we must be guided by”


With Love,