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What does GF and GFO mean?

GF and GFO are short for gluten-free and gluten-free option. If you find a recipe labelled “GF”, it means the recipe is gluten-free. Recipes labelled “GFO” include ingredients that contain gluten, but have a gluten-free alternative available.

Recipes that have no GF or GFO label contain gluten, and there are no gluten-free alternatives available.

How do I store my fresh herbs?

Fresh herbs are very delicate and require special care. To keep them fresh, we recommend placing them in a cup with water inside the fridge as soon as your box arrives. You can extend the life of your herbs by a couple of days by placing a sandwich bag over the top of them.

What is the best way to store my food?

At VegMeUp, we pack our boxes so that the produce will stay fresh for at least 8 days after it leaves our warehouse (weather conditions may affect this). If you are not home during delivery, it is okay for the food to stay in the box until you return. However, we do recommend storing your fresh produce as soon as you can after delivery. Make sure to open the cooling pouch and put the chilled products directly into the fridge. Place fresh vegetables in the vegetable draw in your fridge. Fresh herbs should be placed inside the fridge in a cup of water and a plastic sandwich bag over the top to keep them fresh for longer. Please make sure to reuse your sandwich bag for future herbs!

Are there ingredients I’ll need that are not included in the box?

We provide you with all the ingredients you need to cook amazing plant-based dishes. However, there are some basics (such as pantry items) not provided in our box. These are products like salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil and soy sauce. Everything else is provided in your box including spice mixes and recipe cards. You can always check the recipe online to see what pantry items are required for the dish to make sure you have the basics you’ll need.

How long will ingredients stay fresh after delivery?

Ingredients should stay fresh for at least 5-6 days after delivery. Putting away the ingredients as soon as you receive your order ensures the best quality of the product.

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